An edible straw creates a new trend of plastic-free

In early July of this year, Starbucks announced that in response to environmental awareness, all stores around the world will phase out disposable plastic straws by 2020. For a while, it aroused a heated discussion among netizens, what will be used to drink iced drinks in the future? Now this problem seems to be solved.

Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, two designers who graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, jointly launched an edible biodegradable straw seaweed straw to avoid environmental pollution. The composting ability is even more amazing. Even if you don't eat it, it can be completely degraded with food residues in the natural environment, which only takes 60 days.

Moreover, this is not the first time they have come up with a whim to create an edible vessel. A few years ago, they had already designed an edible water cup and it was widely recognized.

At that time, they just graduated, just to participate in the design competition, launched an edible, biodegradable cup called Jellyware. I hope that when the cup is used once, it can be eaten directly and let it disappear from the world. Unexpectedly, this design concept won the competition award in one fell swoop, and also received a large order from the vodka manufacturer. The manufacturer ordered a full 60,000 Jelloware from the two young ladies for outdoor activities.

As environmentalists, they did not feel complacent and stopped here, but kept their original intentions, analyzed the reasons why Jelloware was popular, and sniffed out the unlimited business opportunities in the future. As a result, Briganti and Tucker gave up the enjoyment of life with their peers all day long. Dive into the Brooklyn kitchen, research and innovate on the basis of Jellyware, and strive to truly replace plastic products.

As an edible cup, in addition to environmental protection functionality, the taste of food has also become an assessment factor. Finally, considering the shape and smell, they chose agar, which is a kind of seaweed vegetable glue. Why choose seaweed? Seaweed itself is edible, reproduces fast, does not occupy land resources, and has obvious advantages. As a marine plant, it degrades and flows into the ocean to reduce the damage to the ocean.

Later, he even did not hesitate to raise 10,000 US dollars to optimize the taste, held parties to conduct on-site tests, hired food scientists to improve the taste, and finally gave birth to the first edible and biodegradable disposable cups with different flavors. Praise. Of course, the two founders also said that this product still has certain flaws, it is easy to deform at a high temperature above 95 degrees, and they are still improving.

During the research and development period, they also received various investment and help, and established Loliware company. At the same time, the edible flavor environmental protection cup under the name of Loliware was officially launched and attracted much attention after local programs in the United States were broadcast.



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