Degradable straw or paper straw which is more expensive

With the official implementation of the 2021 plastic ban, many milk tea shops have replaced paper straws, but netizens have complained about the experience of drinking milk tea with paper straws, and many milk tea shops have replaced them with biodegradable straws, which are well received. So, which one is more expensive, a biodegradable straw or a paper straw? What is the difference between biodegradable straws and paper straws?

Degradable straw or paper straw which is more expensive

Degradable straws.

The pla material is also not resistant to high temperatures, but it is much better than paper. Of course, the price is much more expensive than paper. It is said that it is three times more expensive than paper. No wonder other businesses refuse to use it.

After this kind of PLA is degraded, it will eventually become carbon dioxide and water, which will not pollute the ecology at all.

Compared with paper straws, the degradable straws feel the same in use and look similar in appearance to plastic straws, but it is indeed biodegradable and will not pollute the ecology, so that everyone feels no discomfort in using it.

In fact, degradable straws also have drawbacks. This material is not unconditionally degradable, but there is no perfect substitute product yet. This straw is also a good choice. Wow, the glass silicone aluminum straw is more environmentally friendly, but if it is Drinking milk tea when shopping, preparing straws for repeated use, cleaning and storing things, sometimes it’s not very convenient. I recommend this for people in need. It’s a one-time use, and you can throw it away after drinking. It’s true. More environmentally friendly than plastic straws.

Paper straws

Paper straws can indeed reduce environmental pollution, but when drinking milk tea, paper straws are like express boxes and have the smell of core roll paper. The country only prohibits the use of plastic straws, and does not prohibit the use of straws of other materials, which are biodegradable. There is more than just paper straws, and businesses use paper straws because of the low cost of paper straws.


The difference between biodegradable straws and paper straws is that biodegradable straws are more effective than paper straws. This is a simple summary of friends who drink milk tea, but the cost will be much higher than paper straws, so many businesses are reluctant to use them.

3. Are paper straws more environmentally friendly than plastic straws?

There are many aspects of environmental impact. At present, the highlight is that certain plastic products are easy to leak into the environment, thereby causing impacts on marine life and the environment. Among them, plastic straws are used in large quantities, have low recycling value, and have a small amount of recycling and are easy to leak.

Replacing with paper straws can help solve this problem. Since paper degrades faster than plastic in the natural environment, the pollution to the ocean will be reduced after leakage.

However, paper straws must have standards, some are made of composite materials, such as paper + coating, etc., their degradability will be greatly discounted.



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