How to Make Bamboo Straws

Eco-environmental protection bamboo straw and its manufacturing method, application and process

Background technique:

Most of the straws used in the current food market are plastic straws, which have disadvantages such as poor high temperature resistance, poor degradability, unenvironmental protection, and short service life. In addition, they need to use related chemical substances in the manufacturing process. Both the ecological environment and the ecological cycle are very harmful. In addition, most countries in the world have implemented or plan to implement a "plastic ban", and plastic straws are about to be eliminated from the market.

Technical realization elements:

The main purpose is to create a pure plant bamboo straw that is harmless to the human body and beneficial to the ecological environment and ecological cycle, while increasing the added value of bamboo and extending the bamboo industry chain.

In order to solve the above technical problems, it is mainly achieved through the following technical solutions:

The eco-friendly bamboo straw is made of moso bamboo, with a length of 15-25cm, an outer diameter of 4-9mm, and an inner diameter of 2-7mm.

The steps of the manufacturing method of ecological environmental protection bamboo straws are as follows:

(1) Moso bamboo sawing: Place the moso bamboo that meets the quality requirements in a sawing machine for sawing, and obtain a moso bamboo section with a length of 1.5-1.8m;

(2) Moso bamboo cracking: the moso bamboo section obtained in step (1) is placed in a bamboo breaking machine for cracking, and the internal sluices of moso bamboo are removed to obtain moso bamboo slices with a thickness of 1.5-3cm;

(3) Wire drawing: place the moso bamboo slices obtained in step (2) in a wire drawing machine, peel and yellow the moso bamboo slices, and draw silk to obtain moso bamboo round rods with a length of 1.5-1.8m and a diameter of 4-9mm;

(4) Round bar drying: Dry the bamboo round bar obtained in step (3) in a barbeque at a drying temperature of 50-90°C and a drying time of 7-8h. After the drying is completed, the moisture content will be obtained. Dry bamboo rods with a rate of less than 10%;

(5) Circular rod sawing: Place the dried bamboo rod obtained in step (4) in the intelligent sawing machine, set the specified sawing length, and obtain a standard bamboo circle with a length of 15-25cm and a diameter of 4-9mm Baton;

(6) Round rod polishing: polish the standard moso bamboo round rod obtained in step (5), remove the burrs on the surface of the round rod, make the surface of the round rod smooth and not hurt your hands, and keep the polishing process for 1-3 hours to obtain Smooth moso bamboo round stick;

(7) Hollow drilling: the smooth bamboo rod obtained in step (6) is drilled by using a drill with a diameter of 2-7mm to obtain a length of 15-25cm, an outer diameter of 4-9mm, and an inner diameter of 2 -7mm eco-friendly bamboo straw.

In the step (1), the quality requirements of moso bamboo are: the production cycle is 3-7 years, and no mildew and moth-eaten phenomena should occur.

Eco-friendly bamboo straws are used in the food and beverage industry.

By making moso bamboo into a round rod, and then drilling the center of the round rod to hollow out the eco-friendly bamboo straw, during the whole production process, no additional chemical materials are added, and by not changing the original pure plant characteristics of moso bamboo, A pure plant bamboo straw with good degradability and beneficial to human health, ecological environment protection and ecological circulation is manufactured.

The beneficial effects are:

Eco-friendly bamboo straws are very different from plastic straws on the market.

(1) Eco-environmental protection bamboo straws are harmless to the human body, have degradability, and are beneficial to ecological environment protection and ecological circulation. It is a pure plant bamboo straw. It is very important to deal with the "plastic ban" proposed by most countries, and the widespread existence of plastic straws in the market that have poor high temperature resistance, easy decomposition of toxic substances harmful to the human body during use, and difficult degradation that are not conducive to environmental protection and ecological recycling. of.

(2) No chemical substances are used or added in the manufacturing process of ecological and environmentally friendly bamboo straws, which are purely made of bamboo through a series of physical processes. Compared with the production process of plastic straws on the market, the manufacturing process of bamboo straws is fully compatible with ecological environmental protection and ecological cycle, reducing environmental pollution.

(3) The processing process of ecological and environmentally friendly bamboo straws is more convenient and easy to process. The manufacturing process of the eco-environmental-friendly bamboo straws of the present invention is different from simple bamboo straws that simply remove and cut off the stubs of small and tender bamboos. It requires a step-by-step process, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process requirements, and each link The obtained ecological and environmental protection bamboo straws should strictly meet the quality requirements.

(4) Eco-environmental protection bamboo straws are made of pure plants-bamboo. During use, they have excellent high temperature resistance and will not produce or decompose any substances harmful to the human body. However, the plastic straws on the market are easily deformed in high-temperature liquids and easily decompose chemical substances harmful to the human body during use, thereby causing greater harm to human health.



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