Recyclable straw design

Metal straws are not only suitable for home use, but also suitable for people to carry to the office, but for restaurants, this is an inconvenient choice. Therefore, coffee shops and restaurants use paper straws because they are easy to recycle and do not require cleaning. However, the only problem with paper straws is that they will get wet, your drink will become like wet paper, and you may accidentally eat a little bit-neither will leave a good "taste" in your mouth .

To solve this behavioral and environmental problem, a company based in Warsaw designed a better alternative, which is made from dried stems! It solves the biggest problem we face with paper straws, it will not be soaked in liquid, and it will not add any flavor to the drink. Dry straws can be used for hot and cold beverages, so we can work together to reduce the environmental impact of plastic straws. The United States alone uses 500 million straws every day, so you can imagine the total global usage. According to the statistics of the "One Less Straw" Foundation, every year, 100,000 marine animals and about 1 million seabirds die due to the swallowing of plastic debris. This is why we need to switch to sustainable straws, so you can buy a pack of STRAWS, which contains 50 straws, and is packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard.

STRAWS is inspired by childhood memories-when you visit your grandmother in the village, go out to the field, grab spikelets and drink fresh milk. Those very young children took root when they grew up and made this exquisite sustainable product to reduce the toxic impact of plastics on the environment. The product is inspired by the Slavs’ tradition of making decorative stems. The wicker shape on the packaging is called "spider" because in centuries of Slavic culture, people believe that "spider" can protect villagers' houses from fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters, which makes it a natural protection Suitable sign for a straw straw.

This work is reproduced in the original designer: PG Brand Reforming



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