Rejecting plastic straws is easier than you think

"A straw is a plastic product that we use every day, but it won't have any impact if we don't use it. It's not difficult to refuse a plastic straw," said Dune Ives, CEO of Lonely Whale.

According to statistics, about 800 to 1,100 tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year; every day, the consumption of plastic straws in the United States alone reaches 500 million, and most of them eventually flow into the ocean and decompose into tiny debris , Was eaten by sea creatures.

The #StopSucking campaign launched by Lonely Whale  in 2017 restricts the use of plastic straws through cooperation with restaurants, bars, sports venues and other places, with the ultimate goal of reducing 500 million plastic straws into the ocean.

Dune Ives, CEO of Lonely Whale, said, We hope to arouse global attention.Plastic issues are too far away from the public. Many people dont notice it ,the one hand, and on the other hand they really dont understand the dangers of plastic to the ocean. "Straws are the most basic daily plastic products." She said that if you want to reduce the amount of plastic, you can actually start with relatively simple quitting plastic straws.

Here are 7 alternatives to plastic straws. You will find that refusing to use plastic straws is really simpler than you think

1. Bamboo straw

It is lightweight, organic reusable straws, does not contain any chemicals or dyes, and is easy to clean.


2. Wheat drinking straw

The design of Wheat straws is very suitable for bars and restaurants that need a mood.

(source:Brush with Bamboo)

3. Stainless steel straw

Durable, easy to clean, and easy to carry.

(Source:Brian West (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

4. Glass straws

The glass straw with curved design can be used at multiple angles without tilting the cup, which is more convenient. "Be Organic" straws are manufactured in Bali and support local plastic waste removal operations.

(Source:Be organic)

5. "Eatable" straws

This straw is made of seaweed and has different flavors. It can be swallowed or decomposed naturally after use. (Do not let plastic straws harm the ocean. This company allows you to "eat" the straws directly after drinking your drink)


6. Paper straws

Although it is a one-time-use material, this paper straw will not be unusable because it gets wet, and it can be disposed of by burying compost.

(Source:Aardvark Paper Drinking Straws)

7.In many cases, sipping directly along the edge of the cup is the best solution. Although sometimes the lid can get in the way, there are many brands with lid designs that can be opened directly for drinking, such as Starbucks accompanying cups. Drinking drinks is really not You need to use a straw again!



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