Bamboo cup-pure natural green water cup

Its raw material is bamboo. After being decorated and processed by hand, different bamboos can show different styles and characteristics. Because the bamboo cup is made of natural materials, it comes with a light fragrance, giving people a sense of elegance.

How to deal with the bamboo cup before use

After you get the new bamboo cup, don't use it to drink water immediately. It needs to be handled properly before it can be used normally. So here is how to deal with the bamboo cup before use. The bamboo cup is made of natural bamboo, so the new bamboo cup will retain the smell of natural bamboo. Before using the bamboo cup, you can take a proper amount of salt and dissolve it in warm water, and then use the obtained warm salt water to soak the bamboo cup for 3-5 hours, and then rinse it with water for use.

Is it good to drink water in a bamboo cup

Bamboo cups are made of natural materials and have a light fragrance. However, some people think that drinking water in a bamboo cup is not healthy, and they always feel that drinking water in a bamboo cup has a strange taste, which will have a bad effect on their health. So, is it good to drink water with a bamboo cup?   In fact, drinking water with a bamboo cup has no harm, but also has the effect of reducing phlegm and diuresis. It has certain physiotherapy functions for many diseases, such as diabetes, asthma and other diseases. Bamboo also contains a lot of protein, amino acids, calcium, iron and other trace elements needed by the human body.

How to maintain bamboo cups

If the bamboo cups are not properly maintained, it will not only affect its beautiful appearance, but also may cause cracking, mildew, and blackening. Therefore, reasonable maintenance of bamboo cups is very important. Here is a brief introduction on how to maintain bamboo cups:

(1) Do not pour hot boiling water into the bamboo cup, otherwise the high temperature will cause the bamboo cup to crack.

(2) Bamboo cups are best used for drinking tea or water, not for drinking other beverages. Other beverages tend to leave stains on the bamboo cups, which are extremely difficult to remove.

(3) The bamboo cup must be cleaned in time after it is used up, and the cup should be drained upside down and stored in a well-ventilated place. If it is not cleaned in time or stored improperly, the bamboo cup will quickly become moldy and black, and become extremely unsightly.

(4) Bamboo cups should be used frequently to prevent the cups from being too dry and cracking.



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