Is bamboo straws safe?

As people's environmental awareness increases, and they know more and more about saving energy. In our daily life, plastic straws are often used by everyone. In the production process, a lot of plastic is consumed, and plastic is extracted from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. Now, a bamboo straws is popular abroad, which can be said to be very green and environmentally friendly.


Different from ordinary plastic straws, this new-style straw is made by hand-polishing the original ecological bamboo. The natural color of the log looks very kind. The designer stated that the bamboo raw materials used to make the straws have been drained and baked, and there will be no breakage or water leakage during use. and safe to use 

Bamboo straw detail display

Completely original ecological use of bamboo manufacturing

In addition, because it is made of bamboo material, it can be reused. After each use, you only need to rinse with clean water, which is very convenient. It is worth mentioning that in the process of using, you can smell the fragrance of bamboo, which is very safe to use



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