How about the anti-radiation strength of bamboo fence panels?

In our lives, bamboo fences roll play a relatively large role in our lives and are widely used in many places. At present, these places have agricultural areas, tourist areas, and bamboo corridors in villa areas. It gives us a feeling of relaxation and joy, so how about the radiation resistance of bamboo privacy fence products?

bamboo fence screening building requires clever design in order to play its good role. At the current level of craftsmanship, high bamboo houses can be built up to 3 floors. Moreover, the bamboo house is basically built by hand, there is no mechanical equipment available, and the cost of construction is also determined according to the appearance of the craftsmanship. Bamboo is disinfected to increase the durability and damage resistance of bamboo houses. Bamboo fences can last up to 30 years, or up to 50 years if properly maintained.
There is no doubt about the environmental protection of bamboo. It does not have any pollution. The bamboo has a short period of maturity. It can be grown in four or five years. 4000 kg/cm², compressive strength: 250 - 1000 kg/cm², flexural strength: 700 - 3000 kg/cm², elastic modulus: 100000 - 300000 kg/cm³.

bamboo screen panels will keep their new appearance all year round, and general fences will fall off after a period of use, which is not very beautiful. The bamboo fences anti-aging agent and stabilizer are added to the surface layer and all sections, and the color is bright and shiny.
If you are interested in environmental protection, it is more appropriate to choose bamboo fences panel. 



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