Bamboo fence screening opens up green vitality

Bamboo fence is also called bamboo fence screening and bamboo privacy fence, it has become synonymous with environmental protection. When making bamboo fences screening, it comes from nature, and we have seen it in many places. For example, when we walk in the pavilion, many pavilions and corridors are made of bamboo. Tourists will go to the bamboo promenade to take a rest when they are tired from walking. It is very comfortable. It is appearing in parks, gardens, forests, courtyards, and outdoors in rich forms. These are the places we often go to.

bamboo privacy screen can be seen in many scenes in our lives. It brings us a lot of green, and it also has many benefits.

1. The bamboo fence is designed to complement the park collocation. There are many plants and flowers in the park, and bamboo is also a very common tree in the park. A bamboo corridor is built in the place surrounded by flowers and plants, which looks very natural and fresh.

2. Bamboo is warm in winter and cool in summer. In the hot summer, many people will go to the park to find a shady place to play in the shade, and bamboo can cool the hot weather; in winter, sitting on it will not feel biting. Moreover, bamboo is more flexible than stone, so if you accidentally touch it and slip, it will not be particularly painful.

3. Bamboo also has a good drainage and ventilation effect, and even if it is used for a long time, its degree of decay is less.

There are also bamboo fences that are always so distinctive, and their unique design greatly enhances their ornamental value and even makes them the subject of the landscape. The fence, which used to be only a supporting role, can now use the designer's imagination to play the protagonist's addiction.



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