Are bamboo fiber tableware safe? Can children use it?

Are bamboo fiber tableware safe? Can children use it?

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated fiber made from bamboo as raw material, through a special high-tech process, the cellulose in the bamboo fiber is extracted, and the glue, spinning and other processes are used to make the regenerated fiber. As bamboo grows without applying various fertilizers, it produces negative ions and has antibacterial effects, thus avoiding all kinds of pollution.

Can children use bamboo fiber tableware?

Generally speaking, babies can use bamboo fiber tableware, and it is beneficial for babies to use bamboo fiber tableware.

Benefits of bamboo fiber tableware

1. Bamboo fiber tableware is processed from natural degraded bamboo, cereals, corn and other pure natural plant materials, and does not contain any chemical components, which can take good care of the baby's health.

2. The bamboo fiber tableware is made of natural plant materials, processed by bamboo material, natural antibacterial, and has a fine texture, which is convenient for parents to clean.

3. The design of bamboo fiber children's tableware refers to the kindergarten tableware, which can let the baby contact the kindergarten life as soon as possible and reduce the baby's sense of rejection. The cute cartoon pattern on the bottom can attract the baby's interest and improve the baby's appetite.

4. The rounded design can prevent the baby from being accidentally injured during use, and better ensure the baby's safe use.

Precautions for the use of bamboo fiber tableware

1. Please check the tableware frequently, and discard it in time if it is damaged.

2. Do not clean with corrosive chemicals.

3. The small black spots in the tableware are the green powder part of the bamboo raw materials, which are not moldy or defective, and can be used with confidence.



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