How long does a bamboo garden fence last?

The original buildings generally use less polluting building materials. Generally, this kind of building will give people a more relaxed feeling. Many homes will use this simple bamboo fence as a simple decoration. It is used more in the production process, and it is relatively confidential during the production process.


bamboo planter privacy screen are mainly used in many occasions around us, and are widely used in residential, highways, commercial areas, stadiums and other occasions. According to the height of the fence, the price per meter of length will also be different.


For the design requirements of the railing style of bamboo screen panels, first of all, the guardrail with a relatively short height prevents people from stepping on it. Therefore, the general shape design is selected as a non-horizontal wavy line. For the middle-height guardrail, anti-drilling accessories should be set in the middle every 14 cm. ; For higher guardrails, it is necessary to consider setting up handrails and anti-climbing settings, and it is not advisable to place too many transverse rods below.


Bamboo fences can not only ensure people's safe travel or ensure higher safety protection in the city, environmental protection, maintenance, durable purchase reasons, add luster to the city, and give you a new and different concept of fashion.


The density of bamboo building materials is relatively high, and it has the same density as the iron fence. At the same price, bamboo fences are selected as one of the primary fences. It can be made into various tools and gradually arrived. Merchant's favorite,


There is no problem in the use of bamboo fences in general for 30 years. In a well-maintained scenario, the longer the use time, the better the effect displayed.



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