How to make a bamboo privacy wall easily?

Bamboo fences are made of natural bamboo. Better bamboo can be more resistant. Use a flat slab to dig down 20 to 30 cm to make a horizontal foundation pit, and place the stones together. Put it in the foundation pit


After the bamboo garden fence is widely produced, more and more people use it for independent design. Bamboo is also the main raw material for bamboo fence production. Compared with houses built with materials such as plastic, wood and stone, it is cheap. The Bamboo Building is an affordable option without compromising safety.


Some of the conventional methods of bamboo fence design are as follows: c) Punch holes in the bamboo and connect them in series with iron wires to make a bamboo fence;


d), place the bamboo privacy wall in the high-pressure carbonization furnace of 120 degrees Celsius of temperature more than 0.2MPa and heat treatment for 5h, get the carbonized bamboo fence:

e), spray and cool the carbonized bamboo fence with water to obtain a rehydrated carbonized bamboo fence;


D, drying the rehydration carbonized bamboo fence at a low temperature at a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius to a moisture content of 18% to obtain a drying carbonized bamboo fence;

g), the drying carbonized bamboo fence is painted with bamboo oil, the oiled carbonized bamboo fence is obtained after the drying, and then the oiled carbonized bamboo fence is wiped.


In the future, the use of bamboo privacy wall will become more and more extensive.



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