How to disinfect the bamboo skewers for barbecue?

The sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear, and it is a good situation to go out and play. At this time, I asked my friends to go to the outdoor barbecue, a very good party activity. If you want to barbecue in the suburbs, you have to buy some bamboo skewers, but I always feel that the use of bamboo skewers is a bit unsanitary, so how to disinfect the bamboo skewers for barbecue? Let me take a look at it below.

There are generally two ways to disinfect and sterilize bamboo sticks. One is to boil it in boiling water with a small amount of salt for more than ten minutes, then pick it up and clean it with water. The other is to soak it in a small water with early salt for one day or 30-an hour. , And then rinse twice with water (how long does it take to soak the bamboo skewers). But be aware that the barbecue bamboo skewers are only used once.
How to choose a high-quality bamboo skewers ?
1. The surface of the high-quality bamboo sticks is smooth and clean, and no burrs are prominent;
2. Good quality bamboo sticks are malleable and strong.
3. The top of the head of the bamboo skewers should be pointed so that they can be worn easily;
4. High-quality bamboo sticks smell the fragrance of moso bamboo, and some strange smelling bamboo sticks are likely to have been produced and processed by chemical factory objects;
BBQ bamboo skewers
The bamboo skewers you bought back must be soaked in small water before they are grilled on skewers. This is not only for better environmental sanitation, but more importantly, to prevent the bamboo skewers from being charred or burnt during the whole process of barbecue. The bamboo skewers become damp after being soaked in water, and the bamboo skewers can be prevented from being burnt or charred during the whole process of grilling.



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