Bamboo Skewers or Metal Skewers

Hello, everyone, when it comes to our national cuisine, I think it is barbecue.

As the saying goes, there is nothing that can't be solved by a barbecue. If so, add a bottle of beer.

But do you know why bamboo skewers are generally used instead of metal skewers

Here list some reasons :

1. The cost of bamboo sticks is low compared with metal sticks.

2. The bamboo skewers have poor thermal conductivity and will not burn people. Just pick up the barbecue and just use it.

3. That is, the bamboo sticks are disposable so as not to be picked up by some unscrupulous merchants for recycling.

But the metal skewers not mean is bad, I recommend the for home use.

The metal stick has good heat conduction effect, the meat is cooked quickly, and the moisture loss is less. Secondly, the metal skewers can reusable for home use, just wash it, which saves money and is environmentally friendly.



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