The things you need to know about bamboo stick

Bamboo stick production process

The sawing machine is used to saw the raw bamboo to the required length. It is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, a saw blade and a transmission mechanism. The saw blade can be a common saw blade or an alloy saw.
Bamboo breaking machine is used to cut the sawn bamboo. The number of slices to be cut depends on the required width of the bamboo slices. Therefore, the bamboo breaking machine is equipped with multiple knives, and different knives are selected according to the requirements of the product and the size of the bamboo, and it is required to change the knives conveniently and quickly.

The slicing machine can drive to the raised knots of the outer garden of the bamboo. The green and yellowing machine allows the bamboo slices to pass through the upper and lower knives to remove the outer layer of bamboo green and the inner layer of bamboo yellow to make bamboo slices.

wire drawing machine is a more important and common equipment in bamboo processing, generally composed of a frame, three motors, a feed wheel, a cutter and a transmission system. The versatility of the molding machine is good, and the requirements of different products can be met by only changing the cutter.

The wire saw is to cut the drawn bamboo wire to the required length, and then put it on the polishing machine.

Harm of repeated use of bamboo sticks

Repeated use of bamboo sticks is harmful to human health. Repeated use of bamboo sticks may become a "hotbed" of germs. Repeated use of bamboo sticks has many hidden hygiene hazards. Even after high temperature treatment, it is very likely to retain bacteria. Bamboo sticks with bacteria will be harmful to diners. It poses a serious threat to health. Therefore, bamboo sticks are disposable products, and they should be disposed of properly after use.

Why does the barbecue bamboo skewers burn?

When operating barbecue products, most shopkeepers choose disposable bamboo skewers. If you are not proficient in barbecue skills, you may burn the bamboo skewers.

The way to avoid burning bamboo skewers is simple: once you find a flame, quickly remove the food and continue to grill after the flame disappears.

The main reason for the flame is that the oil on the food drops onto the flaming charcoal and burns. When some friends saw the flames, they liked it, and immediately put the food on it and burned it. This is very bad, not only easy to burn the bamboo sticks, but also very unhealthy.

Of course, frequently turning the food during the barbecue can also reduce the possibility of burning the bamboo skewers. The food has been roasted on charcoal fire for a long time, and the temperature is too high, and it is easy to stick: the bamboo skewers are also easy to be broken. Frequent turning can make food and bamboo skewers heat evenly.

If the charcoal fire is too strong, you need to temporarily remove the food and wait until the food has cooled slightly before continuing to roast.

Soak the bamboo skewers in water before use, which will also reduce the possibility of the bamboo skewers from burning.



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