Making a house artwork with bamboo sticks

With the development of modern society, it is also in order to enrich children's after-school life, exercise children's hands-on ability, and stimulate enthusiasm and imagination for handmade creation. Next, we will make a simple small house with bamboo sticks. You can do it with me.

The required materials are: bamboo sticks, pliers, knife, ruler, 502 glue.

First, make a chassis, either rectangular or square. If you want to build a house as big as you want, design the size, the length must be the same, and use 502 to stick it tightly together, and it must be firm.

The second step is to make the walls of the house. First make the front and back sides, but do half of one side. Because the door is to be made, the specific shape is like the old house. The height of the two sides should be the same, otherwise the roof will be on one side. High and low.

The next step is to make two side walls. First glue the walls that have been made before, and then start gluing from both sides. As for the specific width, you feel that it is suitable, and the height is also the same. (Because there is no specific picture after it is done)

The next step is the roof. It is a little complicated to make. The angle of the roof should be the same as the wall made before, so that it can be just built up, but don't remember to stick it on first, because the front door has not been made.

Finally, as for the shape of the door, you can make it whatever you like, and then put up the roof, and you're done. If you want to add something, just add it yourself. This is the case for a simple small house.

Will you also do it through the above steps? Handwork is a way to explore and seek knowledge. It is an activity that promotes brain development. The more hands-on you do, the more things you can learn.



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