Should barbecue bamboo skewers soak in water before use?

The bamboo skewers used for barbecue generally have 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 35cm specifications. Due to the direct contact with the fire source, the bamboo skewers are easy to be carbonized or even burned during the barbecue, especially when barbecued with charcoal. Sometimes, because the fat of the meat  on the bamboo skewers, it may even be ignited.

Therefore, it better soaking in water before use, and the burning point will increase after soaking, and it is not easy to be lit. The longer the bamboo skewers need to soak for longer.
Regardless of whether our barbecue skewers are bought from a physical store or online, when we want to use it, we must first soak it in clean water before using it for interspersed food. So, how long does it take to soak barbecue skewers?
Generally, it is better to soak the bamboo skewers for 30 to 60 minutes before grilling, because by soaking, the water will slowly penetrate into the bamboo skewers. If this is done, it will not be easily affected when it is grilled on the grill. Bake dry or break. At the same time, in order to avoid these situations, you should choose high-quality bamboo skewers .

What are the characteristics of high-quality barbecue bamboo skewers?

1. The surface is smooth, and there are basically no burrs.

2. With high hardness and toughness, it will not break and bend easily.

3. The head should be pointed so that it is easy to pass through when skewering food.

4. It is safer to smell of bamboo, because some irresponsiable compnay use sulfur to bleach the used ones, which is not hygienic.

Storage of barbecue skewers:

If you open a barbecue shop, you usually need to prepare more bamboo skewers, but after you buy it, you must pay attention to the skills when storing the barbecue skewers that are not in use. Dust and ventilated places, this will reduce the chance of mold and decay, and will not cause waste.



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