The types of biodegradable disposable tableware

Detection type of compostable dinnerware

1. Paper-made disposable degradable tableware, using wood pulp, reed pulp or bagasse pulp as raw materials.


2. Plant fiber degradable tableware, the main production materials are rice husk or wheat husk, straw, straw, corn cob and other crop wastes.


3. Starch-based disposable degradable tableware mainly uses potato flour as the main raw material.


4. Photodegradable and biodegradable non-foamed plastic disposable degradable tableware, mainly using polypropylene as raw material, through the addition of photodegradants and biodegradants to the raw materials to achieve the degradation effect.


Testing  for  degradable tableware


1. Appearance evaluation.


2. Structure evaluation.


3. Use performance testing items: volume deviation, load-bearing performance, drop performance, cover folding performance, heat resistance (heat-resistant water performance, heat-resistant oil and cold), water leakage performance, and water content.


4. Heavy metal and specific element content detection items: arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, mercury, nickel, molybdenum, lead, selenium, zinc, etc.


5. Detection of volatile solid content.


6. Detection of degradation performance.


7. Compostable degradation performance: biological decomposition rate, disintegration rate, eco-toxicity.



The above are only the testing items for disposable biodegradable tableware. The specific index requirements are specified in GB/T 18006.3-2020. For example, the volume deviation of the product must not exceed 5%, the load height of disposable lunch boxes, bowls, and cups must not exceed 5%, and the disposable biodegradable dinnerware made of similar polymer materials must not exceed 7% moisture content and volatile. The content of sexual solids must be more than 51%. Of course, there are also limit index requirements for heavy metals and specific elements.


The degradation performance requirements are divided into two points:


First, it is required that the relative biodegradation rate should be equal to or more than 90%, and if the material composition is equal to or more than 1% of the organic components, the biodegradation rate should be equal to or more than 60%;


Second, if the degradable tableware is composed of multiple materials or mixtures, organic ingredients with a component content of less than 1% should be biodegradable, but proof of decomposition ability may not be provided. The combined weight of each component should not exceed 5%. The disintegration rate is required to be equal to or more than 90%, and the ecotoxicity requires that the ratio of plant germination to plant biomass should exceed 90%.



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