What are the characteristics of wheat straws?

At present,by understanding the production of wheat straws, it is shown that through the selection of pure natural raw materials and processing technologies, the production and processing of wheat straws can effectively reduce pollution and production costs, so wheat straws can completely replace plastic or other straw products , in order to meet the current environmental protection requirements, while saving transportation and storage space, the wheat straw is lighter in weight. Through reasonable production and processing, what characteristics can the wheat straw have?

Since the expected effect can be achieved during the use of wheat straws, for the processing and production, you can choose a variety of different raw materials, or you can customize the uses and methods of wheat straws according to the actual needs of users. The ideal effect, and now wheat straw has become a new trend, made of natural material, long-term use will not damage the human body, because the use of hollow plants as raw materials, composite treatment is no problem, so it can be avoided Harmful substances are produced in production.

At the same time, they can be classified according to various sizes and specifications, so that they can meet the use requirements of other users, including today's large-scale catering field, choose environmentally friendly products,wheat straw processing And use, in line with the use standards of people's environmental protection requirements, become a new type of pure natural products, expanding people's consumer demand.

And long-term use will not cause harm to the human body, therefore, made of this natural material straw , it is gradually promoted and appreciated, and the selection and use of natural ingredients, which has also aroused consumer interest, it can also meet The requirements for the use of food and catering services have therefore become a class of straw products that are worth promoting and have attracted the attention of consumers.



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