Chinese bamboo fence surface treatment

The raw material of chinese bamboo fence is relatively cheap and has considerable advantages. In addition, with the continuous improvement of technology, bamboo has been able to produce various wood textures to meet the different needs of consumers.


 In terms of surface treatment and internal bamboo glue technology, this product adopts domestic vegetable wax oil glue, combined with traditional handwork and modern technology, to produce a series of healthy bamboo decoration products. Bamboo fences often appear in various parks, giving us a feeling of being close to nature. Bamboo has certain advantages in earthquake resistance, and the design mainly depends on the designer's inspiration


chinese bamboo fence manufacturers have abundant decorative raw materials and short resource recovery cycles. Sustainable utilization will become the key to future decoration. With the designer's exquisite design, under the premise of taking into account tradition and modernity, practicability and environmental protection, and under the premise of lack of global wood resources, it will become the future decoration with its abundant and cheap raw materials and exquisite design. , Different scenes have different concepts according to different designers, and sometimes they will become different shapes.


In different environments, the fence is sometimes afraid of places with high temperature, because the high temperature will easily make the surface of bamboo and wood come off, so the commonly used method is to add white paint for treatment, which requires clever design to make full use of it It, moreover, is basically hand-built without any mechanical equipment, and the cost also depends on the look of the craftsmanship. Bamboo increases its durability and resistance to damage, and can last up to 30 years if properly cared for.



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