Eco choice straws and cleaing tips

eco choice straws and cleaing tips

Environmental protection prevails. Now many people carry environmentally friendly tableware and straws with them to reduce the use of disposable tableware, which is healthy and cares for the environment! But there are hundreds of different straw materials, how should I choose? How to clean the portable tableware with the most peace of mind? Teach everyone how to use environmentally friendly tableware with peace of mind!

Environmental protection straw

Since the Environmental Protection Agency has banned disposable plastic straws in some places, "a cup with your mouth" and environmentally friendly straws have become the focus of attention. There are currently four common environmentally friendly straws on the market. You must know how to choose the one that suits your habits. Material, also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance before and after use. After each use of the environmental protection straw, if it cannot be cleaned immediately, simply rinse it with plain water.

Stainless steel straw

Choose 304 or 316 stainless steel material
The quality of 316 or 304 stainless steel is stable. The advantages of stainless steel are high hardness, durability and safer use.
High hardness and fast heat conduction
Stainless steel conducts heat faster, so you must be more careful when drinking hot drinks to avoid burns.
Tips When using a stainless steel straw, it is best not to drink while walking, as it is easy to poke and hurt when an accident occurs. If you have the habit of biting the straw, be careful not to use too much force, as you may lose a corner of your teeth if you are not careful.
New tableware cleaning with stainless steel straws
Stainless steel must be added with grease when it is made and polished, so it is easy to leave black oil stains. It is recommended to clean and disinfect new tableware after buying stainless steel straws home.
step 1
Dip the kitchen paper towel with cooking oil, roll it into a long strip, and use a small brush to pass the paper towel through the straw.
New tableware cleaning with stainless steel straws
Step 2
Use a neutral detergent to soak in water and clean it carefully. Put the stainless steel straw into cold water, heat and boil for 2 to 3 minutes, then pick it up and rinse it off.
New tableware cleaning with stainless steel straws

Glass straw

Choose transparent and colorless
Although most products must be inspected before they leave the factory, after a long time of use, the pigments may dissolve and cause the risk of heavy metal residues. It is recommended to choose "transparent and colorless" as the main choice when purchasing, in order to avoid the doubt of heavy metal pollution. Also select items labeled "Lead-free".

Avoid using for children
The disadvantage of the glass straw is that it is easy to break, and it is not suitable for people who have the habit of biting the straw. For safety's sake, it is recommended not to let children use it.

New tableware cleaning with glass straws
When using the glass straw for the first time, please scrub it with a neutral detergent and water, and drain it before starting to use it.

Bamboo straw

Choose products with lacquer and waterproof
Bamboo is a natural material, and it is not easy to break, and its safety is relatively high. It is recommended that when purchasing bamboo straws, they should be polished smoothly both inside and outside, and it is safer to have lacquered and waterproof products.

Be sure to wipe dry or drain after washing
After using the bamboo straw, it must be cleaned immediately, and must be wiped or drained to avoid mold.

Replace when burrs or cracks appear
, Bamboo is prone to mold, causing food safety concerns. Therefore, after a period of use, if burrs or cracks appear due to wear, it is recommended to replace



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