Biodegradable Drinking Straws

The use of plastics has become one of the main reasons for environmental pollution, and combating it is one of the greatest challenges for humanity. In that sense, biodegradable drinking straws are the perfect alternative to taking care of the environment while enjoying our drinks. Plastic straws take over 500 years to decompose and are also ingested by turtles, fish, and birds, seriously damaging our planet's health.

In recent years, biodegradable products have been used as one of the possible solutions to counteract environmental pollution. These products are decomposed by the action of biological agents, under natural conditions. By degrading, they avoid their permanence in nature, and their residues can serve as fertilizer for plants, as is the case of compostable straws, made of corn starch or another type of vegetable fiber.

Now that the use of plastic straws will disappear, you will wonder what options for eco friendly straws exist? Which to choose?

Biodegradable drinking straws, besides to disappearing easier, compared to traditional plastics, can be reused. Among the most prominent biodegradable products are the avocado seed straws, which have very positive characteristics for the environment. They can disintegrate in less than a year, depending on environmental conditions, and have a useful life of at least four years.

The bamboo straws are another very ecological option. They are completely biodegradable and made from organic and natural materials; they can also be reused and are easy to clean. They also fall into the compostable straws group, so if the person wanted to integrate them into their compost, the decomposition time is much shorter, and they get a super good organic compost.

The rye straws are made with stalks of rye is 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are cut, peeled, and any leaves or knots are removed. Later they are dried and sterilized. As it is a natural element, these straws can have different thicknesses and shapes. They can be used with all kinds of drinks since they do not transmit flavor to liquids.

The eco friendly kraft paper straws simulate bamboo straws. Its appearance is similar to the original but much cheaper. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable, so they are respectful of the environment. They are also safe for food use and can be used with all types of drinks, be they juices, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee, etc. because they are very resistant.

Edible straws are one of the options that some bars and restaurants are betting on. You can find them made with sugar, wheat semolina, chocolate, biscuits. There are more and more different types. They are recommended for specific situations and are only suitable for use with cold drinks since they would soften and unravel very quickly in a hot drink.

Ecological silicone straws for children. They are soft and colored, and the diameter is a little bigger than the normal ones. They are reusable because they can be washed, like metal ones, they come with a brush to clean them, and children even like to clean them themselves. It's a great way to get environmental awareness by playing games.

Sustainability often starts with a small gesture. With a straw, for example! Because even if you don't think about it, something small like a straw can have a huge impact on our environment. Please, always demand biodegradable drinking straws and help us take care of the planet.



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