The new trend- biodegradable drinking straws

Environmental pollution has been increasing for ages, and it has already caused immense damage to the earth. It is becoming an inevitable threat to humanity and has already created an irreparable loss. There are countless reasons and sources behind a poor environment, and plastic is one of them.

Every object composed of plastic cannot be decomposed for useful purposes. It cannot be recycled to be used for making other things, and failure to decompose them leads to their disposal in the environment which completely devastates it.

Plastic straws have been a big problem with pollution, and their rising manufacture and usage everywhere in the world is a moment of concern. These cannot be decomposed, which is why millions of plastic straws are wasted every day. Most of them are disposed into the water, where they pose a severe threat to marine life. To avoid this issue, non-plastic straws have been designed, which are not only eco-friendly but easy to dispose of because of their biodegrading manufacture.

The non-plastic straws or biodegradable drinking straws help in achieving sustainability. They can be broken down way earlier than plastic straws take to do. They are decomposed within 180 days if the relevant circumstances are provided.

There are several elements through which a biodegradable drinking straw could be made of such as;

● Paper

● Wheat

● Reed

● Plant based

● Bamboo

This stuff is biodegradable unlike plastic so these non-plastic straws should be replaced with the regular plastic drinking straws.

Benefits of Biodegradable Drinking Straws

Here are some benefits of biodegradable drinking straws which could convince anyone to ditch plastic straws.


The non-plastic straws are eco-friendly because they do not contain harmful chemicals. They are composed of useful components that break down easily over time. Unlike plastic straws, biodegradable drinking straws are much better for the environment. These types of straws do not cause pollution when they are decomposed.


The biodegradable drinking straws such as made of bamboo, silicone, or metal are quite well in serving for the long-term. These non-plastic straws could be reused after rinsing it multiple times. If one person mainly uses that straw, then it is entirely alright to keep using it for a few times.


Non-plastic straws also cut down the cost of bundles of straws because these are reliable. They can be used for a long time, which means no extra spending on buying straws. That is why these biodegradable drinking straws are cost-effective to a more considerable extent. These straws are perfect for the cafes and restaurants which have to serve thousands of straws each day.


Biodegradable drinking straws are safe for the environment, as well as for humans. They are not harmful to health, just like plastic straws are. They are reliable to use and even safe to decompose afterwards. One can have no harm from these types of non-plastic straws.


Non-plastic straws pose no toxicity threats at all. They are clean, pure, and friendly for both environment and human health. Even health specialists recommend these straws for easy usage.

Biodegradable drinking straws should be used by everyone while replacing plastic straws. It is essential to save the environment and its creatures by switching to eco-friendly products. Plastic is harmful, and no product composed of it should be utilized. After ditching plastic bags, it is also necessary to quit using plastic straws, so that we can make the world, a better place to live.



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