Vietnam has been producing an edible straw.

My goodness, I haven't drunk my drink yet! "If one day, you eat all the straws before finish the drink. Don’t be surprised. Recently, Vietnam has been producing an edible straw.

In the last year, a food company has produced rice straws that subvert the traditional concept. This edible environmentally friendly straw replaces the traditional plastic straws and is welcomed by consumers.

"When I visited and inspected various countries, I found that many people don't like plastic straws, because plastic straws cause serious pollution to the environment, so our company develops rice straws that are more environmentally friendly," said Wu Mingkang, the company's general manager.

Wu Mingkang said that the raw material for the production of straws, the rice we buy directly from the villages in Shali City, consumes 5 tons of rice every day.

The rice is put into a blender, crushed, and then put on a plate and pushed into the steam engine. This is one of the links that determines the quality of the product.

"The most difficult thing is how to make straws made of rice noodles that are stronger, prevent breakage, and use safe and environmentally friendly production methods. After many trials, the company has formed its own unique production process to produce environmentally friendly high-quality straws. "

The straw made from the machine is 3-4 meters long, and then the worker chops it into small pieces before cutting into small straws.

They are hung to dry by workers

Drying time is about 6-12 hours

In addition to red, there are orange, blue, purple...

Their raw materials are taken from all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

The dried straw is cut into small pieces.

The rice straw will automatically decompose after 3 months of use and can be stored for 18 months at room temperature. In normal temperature water, cold water

It can be kept as it is for about 30-120 minutes. The materials used are environmentally friendly and edible. The rice straw has been praised once it was launched, but the manufacturer recommends that the rice straw should not be used multiple times in a day.



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