"Straws" or "noodle"?-edible straws

Recently, China Yiwu Net reported an edible straw in Yiwu. This straw is made of natural crop starches such as wheat and rice. It is not only edible, but also can be cooked into noodles. Today, the reporter came to there find this straw, to "explore" the true face of this edible straws
The reporter went to the "Straw Museum" on the first floor of Company. Rows of brightly colored and differently shaped straws came into view. The colorful edible starch straws arranged in a row on the table. According to reports, these straws are made of natural starch, added with a variety of purple potato powder, pumpkin powder, spinach powder and other foods and edible coloring to show a variety of colors. This edible straw can maintain its basic shape in cold drinks for 2 hours. Too long will cause the straw to deform, but it will not affect its use.
After careful observation, the reporter found that these straws were thicker and thicker than ordinary straws, and were harder to touch than soft plastic straws. "Can this straw be eaten directly?" "It is edible. It is made entirely of starch, but it is relatively hard. It is recommended that people with bad teeth do not eat directly."  The reporter picked up an "original" wheat straw and tasted it, and found that it was more difficult to chew, and its taste was like hard rice crust, with a hint of wheat flavor after a long taste.
This straw can not only be eaten directly, but also boiled into noodles. I saw the on-site staff picked up a pot, waited for the water in the pot to boil, and put a colorful straw into the pot, just like in the next bowl of children's vegetable noodles. After about 1 minute and 20 seconds, the hard straw slowly softened, and the straw that was originally placed on the pot slowly slipped into the pot. After 3 minutes, these straws have all become soft, "dancing" in the pot, and have the luster of food. In about 5 minutes, remove all the straws, add the sauce and scallions, and a plate of brightly colored noodles will appear in front of you, with a tempting aroma of wheat, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is a "sipper" or a "noodle" ". The reporter picked up a straw and put it in his mouth to taste, and found that the straw tasted smoother and more chewy, more like a vermicelli than noodles, almost comparable to pasta
Compared with other environmentally friendly straws such as pulp, starch straws have lower cost and less pollution. The price of starch used as the raw material of the straw is only about one-fourth of that of pulp. The current price of this edible starch straw is about a dime. . This safe and environmentally friendly starch straw can be used as a substitute for plastic straws, and its demand is very large.



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