The fashion brands have been committed to environmental protection

In recent months, there has been an upsurge of environmental protection in China, which has spread from Shanghai to Beijing, and is quietly implemented in major cities across the country. Speaking of environmental protection, from a trivial point of view, we don’t litter, and it’s good to sort the garbage well. From a fashion perspective, in fact, many brands are silently contributing to environmental protection in addition to doing well in fashion.

Today I will share with you a few fashionable and environmentally friendly brands. In the process of shopping, these brands are from the actual fabric production to the ready-to-wear production. They strictly follow the concept of environmental protection. It is worth learning from the taste and hope that everyone more attention.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a brand of the same name launched by Stella McCartney in October 2001. It is popular with everyone for its modern style and practical design.

The colors are all fresh and green, and most of them are designed with environmental protection themes.

Boots are an innovative new development in design. This material does not contain petrochemical materials and is made from the same certified forest as our natural rubber. Compared with traditional neoprene, this material produces climate-changing Carbon dioxide is reduced by 80%, but it shows almost the same performance in terms of strength and elasticity. The completely cruel and animal-free construction also ensures that they are 100% vegetarian.

Since the birth of the brand, Stella McCartney's brand philosophy has been to resolutely not use animal fur, and has been committed to scientific innovation and environmental protection of raw material cultivation.


For luxury goods, maintaining the existing brand image should be above all else. In recent years, many big luxury brands have joined the fur-free environmental protection army, and Prada is one of them.

Prada, as one of the first brands to use nylon material, has been using nylon to make clothing bags since the 1980s.

Prada also collaborated with National Geographic to produce a series of short videos called "What We Carry" to reveal the leading technology behind recycled nylon.


Because fast fashion brands are often accused of unsafe and environmentally friendly fabrics, in 2011, H&M launched the Conscious environmentally-conscious action series that uses environmentally friendly cotton and other "green fabrics".

"The H&M Conscious Exclusive series shows first-class fashion and can also promote environmental protection and protect the future earth. This is a popular series. The clothes are made of sustainable materials and can be worn for many years."

Conscious Exclusive is H&M's most beautiful fashion collection. "The fabric of each skirt is made from 88 plastic bottles washed up on the coast. These plastic bottles are recycled and processed into beautiful translucent fabrics. The printing and embroidery are inspired by another rather abstract Human senses-our dreams."


This time, CONVERSE also made a CHUCK Renew series that became "garbage" based on the recent hot topic of garbage classification, which recreated the classic products of CONVERSE through creative methods.

Combined with the avocado green from this year's fire, it is also a big hit.

RENEW series moss green, ozone blue, wheat color, light gray, all small and fresh tones of color, very in line with the concept of environmental protection.

mini rodini

In order to minimize waste and reduce the impact on the environment, the Swedish children's clothing brand designs the best quality clothing for the babies. The brand not only uses certified organic cotton, non-toxic water-based printing on the fabric, but also tries to purchase excess fabrics locally. The product concept is They all exude a breath of love.

Since the launch of the environmental protection series in 2013, every year the brand uses the materials in the previous product series to produce new products, so that the brand's own environmental protection will form an effective closed loop as much as possible.

As a Swedish online celebrity children's clothing brand that has been turned over by many celebrities, mini rodini has never pretentiously maintained its simple pursuit, and strives to be the best in all aspects of materials, dyes, and production processes.

Environmental protection is not a person's business, after all, the earth belongs to all people. It's not to make you great, just do your best. People have done so much, so it’s not appropriate to divide your trash into categories and block four.



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