What kind of material is used for villa courtyard and fence is safe and beautiful?

What kind of material is used for villa courtyard and fence is safe and beautiful?

1. Stone fence

There are many types of stone fences, and they are also the more commonly used constant fence types in the current villa garden design. This kind of fence is generally a natural garden wall with more materials. The natural texture and temperament reveal the wild nature. breath. Gives a sense of comfort.

2. Wooden fence

Wooden fences are usually used in small gardens. Wooden fences generally have a gentle and delicate feeling, giving people a quiet and intimate feeling, and are classically beautiful.

3. Glass fence

The light-transmitting feature of glass makes the wall more interactive. Whether it is shadows of people, trees, lights and shadows, they can interact with them interestingly. With glass as the curtain, this is a vivid wall.

4. Bamboo fence

Bamboo fences have become more and more popular in recent years. This is also due to the excellent quality, good toughness and strong plasticity of bamboo, which makes bamboo fences beautiful and durable.

No matter which type of fence you choose, you must consider practicality and economy. When designing a villa garden, you should choose a fence that suits you according to the actual situation. Runlang Landscape has focused on villa garden courtyard design for many years, if you want to know, please pay attention



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