Try not to use glass straws

Try not to use glass straws

Recently, a lady posted an article on social networking sites called "Please do not buy glass straws!", which attracted the attention of many netizens.

At the end of last year, this lady bought two glass straws, which have been used in daily life.

Until recently, she found out that she had blood in the stool. She herself was wondering that she was healthy in terms of diet. Why did she have blood in the stool?

Later, when she carefully cleaned the straws, she found a hole in the bottom of the straws. Due to her negligence, she perfunctorily cleaned the straws many times, so that she did not find the straws in time, and the glass slag ingested scratched her body. Of the mucous membranes, the symptoms of blood in the stool will appear.

With the lessons learned from this lady, I also advise everyone to avoid using glass straws as much as possible. If the glass straws have small cracks or are often placed in alkaline high-temperature liquids, they are more likely to be hydrolyzed and cause breakage, especially glass straws. Very thin and crisp



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