A junior in Japan Invented a straw made of grass

A junior in Japan Invented a straw made of grass

Straw made of grass

More eco-friendly

The one who invented the straw was a junior at Tokyo Agricultural UniversityNatsuto Okubo.

The raw material of this straw straw is produced in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After drying, the hardness of this straw is comparable to that of plastic. After the straw absorbs water, not only will it not be soft, but it will also increase the toughness and durability through the moisture!

The process of making straws is not difficult. As long as the grass stems are dug out, more than half is completed. After high temperature sterilization and UV sterilization, about 40,000 straws can be made in about 4 days, which can be said to be quite high-yield!

More importantly, it only takes a few months for the straw straw to degrade naturally! It can even be used directly as a ration for herbivores! There are pictures and the truth, it seems that the smell is quite fragrant!

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