Installation of bamboo fence

China is known as the "country of bamboo." Chinese people love bamboo because of its tall shape and hollow core, which represents a noble character.

The series of bamboo fence products are mainly divided into three categories:

One, lawn guardrail

The beams of bamboo lawn guardrails generally use Ф38 slub pipes, the small bracing rods are Ф19 slub pipes, and the uprights are Ф51 slub pipes. The small support rod and the beam are welded into pieces through the positioning welding process, and the beam and the column are connected by special accessories during installation.

lawn guardrail products are the best products to replace PVC lawn guardrails, zinc steel lawn guardrails (single style, easy to rust at scratches), and cast iron lawn guards (complicated to process and easy to rust). As far as PVC lawn guardrails are concerned, they have the following disadvantages:

1. Afraid of ultraviolet radiation, PVC barriers will age rapidly when exposed to long-term exposure to the sun. Generally, the life span of PVC barriers is two years.

2. Low temperature brittleness is the characteristic of PVC guardrail. In the low humidity in winter, it may break with a light touch, commonly known as "winter disease".

3. Low strength is the common feature of PVC products.

Stainless steel bamboo fence completely avoids the shortcomings of PVC fence, and has the following advantages:

1. Made of metal, high strength;

2. The base material is absolutely high-quality stainless steel, and the outside is sprayed with plastic, so the problem of rust prevention is completely solved;

3. The original metal anti-bamboo patented molding technology, the product is ecological, natural, and close to the theme of traditional bamboo culture;

4. It is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and does not age; low humidity in winter will not cause rupture, avoiding "winter sickness".

Bamboo fences are divided into two types by beams:

1, channel steel beam type. The channel steel beam type is based on the channel steel rolled by galvanized steel sheet as the beam, and the bamboo tube is crossed and inserted on the beam to form a fence.

2. Bamboo tube beam type. The slub tube beam is a slub tube with a slightly larger diameter as the beam. Generally, it is two side by side. The cross tube is sandwiched in the middle, and then rivets are used to connect the beam and the cross tube at the intersection of the beam and the cross tube to form a large number of rhombuses. At the same time, many triangles have been formed, and the product has a reasonable structure and high strength. The combination of all triangles determines its vertical strength. Under the two-meter-long column spacing, the two people in the middle station will not sag by more than 2 cm.

3. Installation of bamboo fence

Bamboo Fence is the latest product developed, mainly born out of occupying the market of zinc steel fence. Compared with fence products, it has a lower cost than fence products, and directly competes with zinc steel fences and cast iron fences in price. The small vertical pole adopts Ф19 slub tube, and the beam has two forms, the single beam type adopts Ф38 slub tube, and the double beam side-by-side type adopts double Ф15 slub tube. The uprights can be single or double slub pipes, or channel steel bent by steel plates. Bamboo Fence A Shandong Bamboo Fence A Bamboo Fence Installation

Bamboo Guardrail brings you a visual feast. Compared with PVC lawn fences and zinc steel fences, zinc steel fences, zinc steel fences and other products, its own strength, anti-aging ability and other indicators are overall superior. With its ecological appearance and the advantages of stainless steel material, compared with traditional lawn guardrails, zinc steel guardrails, zinc steel fences and other products, it has obvious longer life, no rust, novel styles, beautiful appearance, and close proximity to the main body of traditional Chinese bamboo culture. obvious advantage



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