Analyze Japanese style bamboo fence

Analyze Japanese style bamboo fence

The Japanese-style courtyard, which is deeply influenced by Chinese culture, can be said to be an exquisite miniature version of the Chinese-style courtyard. The wonderful treatment of details is the characteristic of the Japanese-style courtyard.

In addition, because Japan is an island country, this geographical feature gives Japan a relatively simple and unique natural landscape.

The Japanese-style courtyard pays attention to ground decoration. In the empty gravel pile, a winding irregular stone path is opened, which indicates a difficult life path.

The Japanese-style courtyard pays great attention to creating a tranquil atmosphere, and likes to have a hot spring bath in the courtyard, so the courtyard pays great attention to privacy.

To this end, the privacy of the courtyard can be increased by building fences, planting plants, and remote gates.

The colors of the Japanese-style courtyard are all gray, and there will be no bright colors, and various decorations are also reduced to a minimum, in order to create a peaceful and simple atmosphere and create a comfortable living environment.

Crushed stones, residual wood, moss, fences, stone Buddha statues, stepping, squatting, stone lanterns...

Compared with Chinese-style courtyards, Japanese-style courtyards have broken away from poetic and romantic flavor. Therefore, gravel, residual wood, moss, fences and other elements are often used in gardens to create a natural mood.

Some small objects with Japanese characteristics can also bring the finishing touch to the landscape. Stone Buddha statues or stone niches are indispensable objects in Japanese gardens, and flying stones and illuminated stone lanterns are typical features of Japanese gardens.

Did you find out from these real-life pictures of Japanese-style courtyards? Many use the element of bamboo fence~

To create a Japanese-style courtyard, in addition to the ornamentation of stone works such as the placement of stones, the paving of stones, and the stone lanterns, the bamboo fence is also a very important element.

Do you know how bamboo fences should be used in the courtyard?

A fence is also called a fence or guardrail, a structure used to protect the courtyard.

They are generally composed of sticks, bamboo, reeds, shrubs or stones.

According to the production materials, it can be divided into: bamboo fence, plant fence, metal fence and plastic fence.

Bamboo fences are an essential element in Japanese gardens.

Generally, bamboo with upright branches is used as a fence or partition screen, which can create a sense of Zen in the courtyard, which is quiet and beautiful.

Space division function of bamboo fence

It is used to separate the hospital from outside, and can also be used in the hospital to divide different functional areas. Because bamboo fences have a lighter appearance, they are generally used for simple space division.



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