Are you fed up with "paper straws"?

Are you fed up with "paper straws"? Cambodian Youth Environmental Organization Sells Alternatives

A few years ago, for the great cause of environmental protection, Starbucks resolutely abandoned the green plastic straws that had been used for decades. Replaced with a new paper degradable straw.

Environmental protection is indeed environmentally friendly, but customers have lost a bit of the fun of biting the straw (not to mention you haven't bitten). Since it is paper, it is not as durable as a plastic tube in a beverage. If you walk away for some reason and return to your desk after several hours, then you shouldn’t expect to continue enjoying coffee through the paper tube.

However, a group called "Trash Youth" in Cambodia recently claimed to have solved the problem of paper straws.

Isn't it about biodegradable materials? Why simply use local materials, such as using reed pipes that can be seen everywhere!

At present, “junk youths” develop and sell handmade reed straws, which are rapidly becoming popular in Cambodia.

According to the team, one reed can be made into 50 straws, which are priced at 5000 riel (approximately US$1.25) in a box containing 25, which can be stored for half a month to one month, and can be reused after cleaning. .
In addition, because it is made of reeds, it also carries a natural fragrance when used.
Even if you throw it away, the straw made of natural material will not become "white waste" and pollute the environment for a long time!

"Trash youths" have frequently participated in social welfare activities in recent years and have gained more and more public recognition.

The team not only often helps the society protect the environment, but also has many eye-catching creative actions, such as beach cleaning, environmental coffee shop, planting trees, making waste plastic recycling items and so on.



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