How to use wheat straws to improve catering industry

Due to the manufacturing technical requirements of biodegradable drinking straws, the use of new materials can fully meet the ideal requirements and standards. The selection and use of natural wheat-straw materials can improve the situation. At the same time, The use of eco friendly straws has many advantages, and will not cause environmental pollution and other problems. Therefore, the structure of the wheat straws is simple and safe to use. At present, how can such eco products straws be promoted and used in the field of food and catering industry?

Because raw material is natural and costs are quite low, the production and practical application of the enterprise is more cost saving ,and through the selection of natural materials, not only solves the problem of straw digestion, but also provides consumers with a more  composable and organic straws, the use of natural straws can not only protect people's health needs, but also meet the needs of drinking straws of beverages, at the same time reduce the pollution to the environment,, this non plastic straws completely solve the actual situation Problems in the application, and provide strong support for development.

Nowadays,since the long-term use of plastic straws have caused continuous pollution of the entire environment. This practical problem has attracted people's attention at home and abroad. The development, production and use of sustainable and eco straws have become the new trend, the production and design of wheat straw can adapt to the selection of new materials.

At present, it is necessary to promote the use of non plastic straws products , also can according to the requirements of different clients, professional straw manufacturers can customize the products,such as the length and diameter, color etc, and also method and application can be completely designed and processed to meet the actual use requirements.



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