What are the advantages and disadvantages of paper straws?

Paper straws are generally made of virgin paper and food wax.
1. Environmental protection, recyclable and easily degradable
2. Safe, no harmful chemical elements are precipitated
3. It is user-friendly, without sharp burrs and other possible injuries
1. High cost
 2. Hot drinks melt easily
3. Hot-sealed beverages cannot directly pierce the cover
 4. There is a shelf life, and there are requirements for the preservation environment

Paper straws are of great significance to environmental protection and are worth promoting, but for plastic straws, it has already been eliminated. If you want to popularize, you must study how to overcome known shortcomings under the premise of ensuring that the cost is competitive. Make improvements in materials and processes.

Speaking of paper straws, let's first look at the common types of paper straws. According to different pulp raw materials and subsequent processes, there are two main types of paper straws currently circulating in the market.

Colored paper straws

It is mainly made by spraying ink on the surface of white paper straws, including single color, mixed color, and various patterns. It is characterized by its bright and beautiful appearance, and it can also stimulate people's appetite to a certain extent.

Natural paper straws

It is mainly made of kraft paper, which is generally brown, has the characteristics of high strength, is not easy to break, tear and soften, etc., generally can withstand high temperatures within 50 ℃, and there is no hidden danger caused by the possibility of spraying ink on colored products.

Is the paper straw safe?

The main safety risks of paper straws are the migration of harmful substances that may exist in the process of use into the food, such as heavy metals in the ink, the fluorescent whitening agent, formaldehyde, etc. that are brought or unintentionally added during the production process; the second is that the product is in There may be microbial contamination during the circulation process.

Under normal circumstances, if the manufacturer uses compliant production raw materials, adds compliant additives, the production process is compliant, and the paper straw terminal product produced meets the national food safety standards, and the circulation is pollution-free, then its products are generally Relatively safe, consumers can buy with confidence.

How to buy

First of all, you should buy compliant products produced by regular manufacturers, and focus on checking whether the product labels or instructions are complete, and the content (including product name, material, compliance with safety standards, manufacturer’s name, address and contact information, production date and Whether the date of use, etc.) is complete.

Secondly, the primary color products are preferred to avoid the risk of migration of heavy metals and other substances that may be caused by colorants and inks.

Finally, choose products with independent sealed packaging as much as possible to avoid microbial contamination in the circulation process.

how to use

Read the label or manual carefully when using, and use it strictly in accordance with the product description.

When in use, shorten the contact time between the paper straw and the drink as much as possible to avoid the adverse effects caused by the precipitation of harmful substances after long-term contact and the changes in the properties of the product itself.

Try not to contain products that are too cold or too hot, and the use temperature should not exceed 50°C.

During the use process, you should avoid bad habits, such as biting the straw, so as not to produce debris or debris to contaminate the food.



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