Bamboo drinking straws- the reusable organic natural straws

Bamboo drinking straws- the reusable organic natural straws

Due to constantly increasing pollution, the world is eying on some organic alternatives to plastic and eliminate the use of plastic items including drinking straws.

Bamboo drinking straws are completely biodegradable and effectively reusable hence help to eliminate waste. They can be used with both hot and cold drinks and make for a reliable eco-friendly straw alternative.

Organic Solutions to Plastic Pollution Problem:

Plastics straws are inflicting havoc on waterways thus creating long-lasting damage to our environment. Only in the U.S, we consume 500 million plastic straws per year that are more than enough to clog several landfills and harm marine life.

Many organic straws can be alternatives to plastic. Thankfully, searching for eco-friendly straws is much easier in 2020. There are many types of straws i.e. silicone, glass, paper, hay, grass.

All of them have pros and of course, some cons. Steel straws are sensitive to hot drinks and do not bend in any form. Glass are expensive & brittle. Silicon ones are not biodegradable while Wheat straws are not reusable.

I’m of the view that bamboo provides the perfect balance of usability, eco-friendless, quality, and cost. Time to skip plastic in favor of one of the most eco-friendly organic straws.

Bamboo Drinking Straws: Probably the Best Bio-degradable Straws

Bamboo has maximized the usability of straws & is free of chemicals and toxins. Unlike other reusable straws, they are dishwasher safe and BPA free!

At least once they’ve landed at your place, you have the luxury to use them again and again.

· Perfectly Hard & Soft: The bamboo straws are neither too hard nor too soft. Bit softer than metal so you don’t have to be cautious about accidentally chipping your teeth.A bit harder than paper so they don’t wilt or break like paper straws.

· Durable & Safe: No more breaking of the straw into pieces as are the issues with glass straws. While sipping and relaxing, no more need to worry about glass shattering into bits in your mouth.

· Healthy & Trustable: Using plastic straws for hot drinks like tea and coffee, can leach toxins from the plastic and PLA (Poly-lactic Acid) into your body. Bamboo straws provide a shield against toxic chemicals so make one of the best healthy straws solution.

· Heat & Cold Resistant: They don’t get warm when used with hot coffee, keep cool, not cold, with ice beverages, and don’t feel painful at teeth in either case. You can use them with almost all kind of drinks.

· Perfectly Cleanable: No-doubt, they are a bit hectic to clean, or at least have a steps long procedure. But still, more importantly, they are reusable and can be super clean even after multiple uses.

Why Choose Bamboo Drinking Straws?

Bamboo should be preferred over other substitutes for many environmental, health and sustainability reasons. It’s less likely to harbor bacteria, and more resistant to rotting over time.

With five times more daily carbon absorption as compared to an equivalent number of trees, bamboo is leagues beyond the competition.

Bamboo Straws are Sustainable:

Bamboo is a pretty amazing renewable plant that regrows quickly after its cutting and yields abundantly. Even, some species grow as fast as up to one meter a day making it the most inexpensive renewable resource.

Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties so its drinking straws are less likely to harbor bacteria thus are more resistant towards spoiling with use.

Bamboo’s Positive Impact on the Environment:

· Natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo stack up well to make tough and toxins-free drinking straws. It is grown chemical-free and doesn’t require artificial fertilizers or pesticides for expediting its growth.

· Bamboo straws are usually made from bamboo stalks so they are fully compostable. Instead of tossing them away, you can add them to a compost pile and use the pile later for plat growth.

· Plastic takes centuries while Bamboo takes 4-6 months to decompose naturally, only a few weeks in an industrial compost bin, and a few years in a landfill.

· With 37% more oxygen release, bamboo is probably the most effective solution to plastic led pollution.

How are they made?

To begin with, the bamboo is cut and dried up naturally in the sunlight for about 3 days. Then it’s cut to different sizes and used to craft small and smooth drinking straws.

The typical length that we cut from the plant is 22 cm.

How to clean them for Reuse?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule about how to clean bamboo straws.  All they need is care and regular cleaning. Still, following procedure might work for you.

1. Use a dedicated pipe cleaner that comes with the package.

2. Take warm soapy water and scrub the inside of the straw after every couple of uses.

3. Rinse out all food retains

4. Air-dry and store them in an open airy area

Immerse straws in boiling water and then vinegar for the perfect cleaning. Repeat this process monthly for a few minutes. Use a Coconut fiber brush for better results.

Bamboo drinking Straws Lifespan

Bamboo straws last as long as you keep cautious of them. Typically, they last as long as one year, but people have also used them for a longer period.

You should consider composting your straws once you notice any color changes or splinters.

Some Possible Cons of Bamboo Drinking Straws:

As with anything that looks too pleasant to be factual, there are always some cautions and instructions. Let’s take a round of some of the Cons of Bamboo straws:

· Not safe with all dish-washers: Avoid using dish-wash and try to hand-wash your bamboo straws. They can’t hold out after getting through dish-washer several times.

· They are inflexible: Unlike Metal, Bamboo straws are not flexible. So if you need bendable straws, Metal or Silicone suits your purpose.

· Limited Lifespan: Unlike steel and glass straws, bamboo straws fray with time. Keep checking them for any change in taste or errant fibers.

· Not recommended for bulk use: For get-togethers and large scale use of drinking straws, consider other organic straws options like hay and grass. They are much cheaper

· Durability: They don’t break but surely don’t last the longest.

Bamboo straws should taste and smell neutral - no chalky taste and no extra smells. Sometimes they add a tropical taste to your beverages. While for people with more sensitive taste buds, they could taste a bit chalky.

In case of extra taste or smell, boiling your straws can help.


Bamboo drinking straws are safe, organically degradable, and environmentally acceptable. They have blissful advantages and about zero significant harms for the environment.

With a lot of usability and inexpensive manufacturing, it makes sense that a lot of organizations with eco-friendly values are shifting to bamboo.

With the addition of new eco-friendly laws in all parts of the world, organic straws market is seeing a rise in demand. With such benefits, we should be expecting a thunder in Bamboo drinking straws’ popularity as well.



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