How to distinguish the pros and cons of plastic lunch boxes?

Disposable fast food boxes can be said to be the most frequently used tableware in people's lives, especially young people prefer to order takeaway meals. There are many types of disposable fast food boxes with different functions. They seem to be made of plastic, but the materials and food safety are quite different.

The general standard of "General Technical Requirements for Plastic Disposable Tableware" not only clearly defines the scope of disposable tableware, but also the heat-resistant water performance, heat-resistant oil performance, water leakage performance, load-bearing performance and microwave temperature resistance of the tableware. Specific regulations on performance, etc. will play an important role in food safety and consumer health protection. Disposable fast food boxes with good safety performance and high recycling value will be more competitive in the future market.

This is the first time that the legal status of non-degradable plastic tableware has been recognized in the form of national standards, and specific index requirements have also been put forward for biodegradable plastic tableware, reducing the confusion brought to the market by companies blindly propagating and promoting degradable plastic tableware in the past;

At the same time, this standard cancels the photobiodegradable plastic tableware due to its limited degradation performance and wastes resources, and adds biodegradable disposable tableware and starch-based plastic disposable tableware with more than 40% starch content. Utensils and other plastic-coated disposable tableware

1. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of disposable plastic lunch boxes:

At present, most of the plastic lunch boxes on the market are polyethylene and polypropylene products. Both of these materials can withstand high temperatures above 100 ℃ and are safe to use. Consumers should pay attention to whether the product is marked with PE (polyethylene ) And PP (polypropylene), the most common "5" represents "polypropylene", that is, "PP" material. The temperature resistance range of this PP material is -20 degrees-120 degrees.

How to identify whether the PP material is pure or not? In addition to looking at the brand and related test reports, you can also identify it by the following methods:

1. Smell the smell: If there is a pungent plastic smell or it still smells after being filled with water, there is basically a problem.

2. Look at the appearance: compare similar lunch boxes together, the more transparent, the purer.

3. Pinching hardness: You can pinch the hardness of the product, and the ones that are too brittle and thin can be eliminated; check the product's logo, whether the logo is clear, whether the plastic box body and lid have corresponding material labels.

2. How to choose a disposable fast food box

There are many types of disposable lunch boxes on the market. Since the state put forward the latest plastic restriction order in 2020, many hotels and restaurants have begun to use disposable biodegradable lunch boxes.

Take Jinan as an example, Jinan local fast food restaurant Chaoyixing fast food restaurant, all take-out packaging boxes are replaced with cornstarch-based lunch boxes. In the case of not completely banning plastics, cornstarch-based lunch boxes can be partially degraded, replacing part of them. The use of plastic lunch boxes.

In recent years, young people eating salads have become the new favorites of young people. The light salads and fat-reducing meals that focus on nutrition and health are very popular. The use of disposable paper pulp environmentally friendly lunch boxes can highlight the concept of health and environmental protection. It is currently the most widely used fully degradable lunch box in China. This type of lunch box uses sugar cane pulp or wheat straw pulp as raw materials and does not add any plastic components. It is an environmentally friendly lunch box, but because the overall cost is higher than other types of lunch boxes, the current popularity is not very high.



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