Ban on plastics has triggered edible rice straws

The ban on plastics has triggered new business opportunities, with the introduction of edible rice straws,
According to data released by South Korea's Ministry of Environment, South Korea consumes about 10 billion straws and 25.7 billion disposable cups a year, and it will take up to 500 years for the plastics to be decomposed.

With the awakening of people's environmental awareness, some companies in South Korea have used water-soluble coating technology to develop disposable paper cups that can be 100% decomposed and reused. This has also brought new opportunities for the Korean paper industry.

According to reports, in August this year, South Korea began a trial ban on plastics, and some companies began to use the rice that is abundant in Asia to develop edible rice straws. Today, the production technology of rice straws has become increasingly mature. It is reported that the monthly output of such rice straws can reach 300 million, and the number is still growing.

It is understood that the rice straw consists of 70% rice and 30% cassava. Therefore, the straw has a smooth, firm and tough surface, and has a crispy taste. It can be soaked in hot drinks for 2 to 3 hours, and in cold drinks. The medium lasts longer. The current single price is approximately RMB 20 cents.

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