Stainless steel straw market research

Based on the consideration of environmental protection and health, coupled with the policies that are about to ban plastic straws in various countries, stainless steel straws are gradually exposed to people. However, in 2016, Starbucks had a preventive recall of stainless steel straws because of the hidden danger of injury caused by stainless steel straws. So what is the performance of stainless steel straws in the global market and what are people's attitudes? In this regard, we conducted market research on this product.

1. Google Trend Analysis

Stainless Steel Straws, search in multiple languages, English (blue) has a hot song, and it has fluctuated up since 2018. The search hot countries are ranked in 8 countries and regions including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada and South Africa. The average monthly search volume is 9900.

2. Function introduction

Keywords: Stainless Steel Straws

Function: Replace plastic straws

3. Product Picture

4. Research on the popularity of this product from global mainstream social media


Only 3,245 related posts were searched on INS, and 1561 popular posts were liked and viewed. Other posts basically ranged from a few to hundreds of likes and views. The current search volume is still very small.


On Facebook, there are not many videos and posts related to this product. At present, the most played video is a collapsible stainless steel straw video uploaded on May 10, which has been played 30153711 times. This playback level is very large. Other videos are basically between a few thousand to tens of thousands

Only one related question was found on Quora, with 124 views.

On reddit, there are still a lot of related discussions, and the one with the most comments has 577.

5. Research on the crowdfunding amount and unit price of similar products in the crowdfunding market

A: Kickstarter: I found 3 crowdfunding products, 2 crowdfunding successes and 1 failure. The crowdfunding with the largest amount of crowdfunding was $14054, with a total of 303 supporters, and the unit price was $9-100, with different combinations.

6. The retail price of this product on mainstream retail e-commerce platforms and the sales volume of each platform

There are already thousands of product items searched for this product on Amazon, with 3,806 items being rated the most. The unit price is concentrated in USD6-14, and they are generally sold in sets.

There are 6 product items searched on fancy, and the number of favorites is 1120.

There are many stainless steel straws on Wal-Mart, and the prices are concentrated in USD5-10. At present, 57 are the most evaluated. Many other product items have evaluations, and the number of evaluations is relatively good.

There is 1 product found, the unit price is USD5.99, there is no comment yet.

7. On twitter, blog and other blog platforms, foreign opinion leaderscomments and predictions on products

Most of the tweets about stainless steel straws on Twitter are discussions, and there are buyer shows, which are more like posts showing that they are environmentalists. This is a good sign for the product.

8. YouTube

The most viewed video on this product on YouTube was released 1 year ago, with 15,000 views. Most other videos are played in the hundreds to thousands. This level of play volume is very small on YouTube.

9. Patent issues

For special patent issues, you can refer to the following websites:

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