The role of fence in the courtyard landscape

The role of fence in the courtyard landscape:

1. Optimize the design of the movement of people in the courtyard

2, help create a rich plant landscape

The plants in the courtyard should generally have one or two kinds of plants as the main scenery, and then choose another two kinds of plants as the collocation, so that the level is clear, the form is beautiful, the height of the plant, the color configuration, texture, etc. should highlight the group beauty, and the courtyard The diversity of the fence just makes the plant level and landscape effect more abundant.

3, echo the style and cultural connotation of courtyard design

A good courtyard design is to create a landscape with style integrity and unique connotation that harmoniously resonates with a variety of landscape elements including nature. This is often reflected by fences, such as the perfect combination of bamboo fences and Japanese-style outdoor spaces to create a quiet and Zen-like space.

4. Help the courtyard to divide the functional area and area

The courtyard function needs to be divided into several areas such as: walking, dining, barbecue, swimming, leisure, game area, etc. And according to the objective conditions of the courtyard base and the subjective functional needs of the owner, the area division of each area is comprehensively considered. The fence can well take on this role and optimize the landscape effect.

5. Create a visual focus, and use methods such as matching, borrowing, and framing the scene

The fence can be used in the courtyard to create a combination of scenery that attracts the eye. When creating the visual focus, you can use a variety of methods of combination of scenery, such as pairing, borrowing, and framing. It is flexible and adaptable to create beautiful works.

The key points of courtyard fence design:

1, height

Generally, the height of the low hurdles is 0.2-0.3 meters, the middle hurdles are 0.8-0.9 meters, and the high hurdles are 1.1-1.3 meters, depending on the local needs. With the progress of society, what is needed is more beautifully shaped guide railings and ecological spacing. Do not use the height of the railings to replace management, so that the green space is completely separated.

Use low fences at the edges of lawns and flower beds to clarify the boundaries. It is also a good decoration and embellishment. Use middle fences in restricted spaces, crowded gates, playgrounds, etc.; emphasize orientation; on the ground and animal cages with high and low disparity Use high fences to separate houses, peripheral walls, etc.

2, safety

The low hurdles should be anti-sitting and anti-stepping, so the shape of the low hurdles is sometimes made into a wave shape, sometimes with a straight rod facing upwards. As long as the shape is good-looking, the structure is firm, and the distance between the rods is larger, it does not matter, which saves the cost and is easy to maintain. ; The middle column is in the place where it is necessary to prevent drilling, and the clearance should not exceed 14 cm. In the place where it is not necessary to prevent drilling, the beautiful composition is the key. In addition, the upper threshold of the middle rail should be considered as a handrail, pay attention to the experience of looking at the railing, and the high rail should be anti-climbing, so there should not be too many horizontal members underneath, and child safety should also be paid attention to.

3, composition

The composition of railings should be good-looking units and more beautiful as a whole. They should be repeated continuously over long distances to produce rhythmic beauty. Therefore, certain specific patterns are often not as strong as abstract geometric lines.

In addition, the composition must comply with environmental requirements. For example, the railings of the flat curved bridge are sometimes only two horizontal lines, echoing the shape of the flat bridge of the water, while the railings of the arch bridge are arched along the bridge body. The choice of railing color and the composition of the railing are also closely related to the cost. It should be dense and dense, with appropriate materials, and pay attention to the saving of each unit.



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