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When we sent the latest coffee cup series to the designer, the designer exclaimed: "The color of this bamboo fiber product is also very beautiful!"

Bamboo fiber has always been the main material . They chose bamboo because it is one of the most renewable resources on our planet.

I once planted bamboo in the backyard. At first, it was only half a person tall, but after two consecutive days of rain, the bamboo was so high that it leaped over the fence. As a naturally regenerated woody grass that can grow quickly, bamboo can reproduce at an extremely fast rate without pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room,  is happy to use this fast and good material to make environmentally friendly and natural daily necessities, such as this coffee cup.

Nude pink

coffee cups are made of organic bamboo fiber certified by the German environmental protection agency FSC. It may look different from what you think. It is inspired by classic minimalist design. Their colorful works focus on the life scenes of modern urbanites. uses gentle Morandi colors, high-grade gray and nude powder to create an elegant and fashionable urban atmosphere.

High-grade grey

Nude pink

The coffee cup is equipped with a smooth high-grade silicone insulation cover. When you leave the coffee shop with it, you don't feel like you are holding a hot roasted potato carefully. Don't worry about being scalded, you will relax and be free, strangling a hidden mess.

This silicone sleeve is also detachable, so this coffee cup can also be transformed into a beautiful and lightweight ordinary cup at any time, with a large capacity of 500ml, suitable for all life scenes. Whether it's an outing or driving, or when you work, throw an effervescent tablet or a tea bag, and no longer have to worry about not being able to drink water when you work.

Removable silicone sleeve

products were born in 1972 in Avignon, France. Over the years, we have always insisted on innovative patented design and excellent quality assurance, and we have been working hard for the "healthy life of mankind", and let products with safety up to the level of mother and baby enter the family.

The product does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, lead, cadmium and mercury, and the strict quality control in the production process is suitable for various use scenarios in family life. Coupled with the minimalist design,, the bamboo tableware combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design is permanently stored in the museum.

Environmental protection

The world consumes more than 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day. Needless to say, our choice of cups is having an unimaginable impact on our planet. If you have such a cup, then the one-time takeaway cups that are consistent and not environmentally friendly can stand aside.

Premium gray

If you are an environmentalist and like a simple and quality lifestyle, then take it out at the coffee shop, use the right cup, and have a cup of coffee that will last your life.

A very important PS:

The suitable temperature of bamboo fiber tableware is -20~+100. Dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, high temperature steaming and disinfection are all OK, but do not put it in the oven and microwave for heating!




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