Rice straws in new trend

What is a rice straw

As the country's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, many disposable straws and packaging bags used in the food industry have become key control areas. In 2020, the environmental protection requirements in Hainan, China will be further upgraded, and the production and sale of disposable refractory products will be prohibited. Straws, plastic bags, etc.
The rice straw is an edible green and environmentally friendly new straw product. The main raw materials are rice and cassava. It is produced by a puffing extrusion process. The appearance of the rice straw is not much different from that of ordinary straws. The surface has a matte texture, strong and tough. Compared with ordinary straws, the rice straws can be eaten directly, and the taste is crisp. The rice straws can adjust the color of the rice straws according to different ingredients. The color is rich. It can be soaked for 5-8 hours in cold drinks and 1-3 hours in hot drinks. Meet various needs, and the rice straw can be completely degraded, and the degradation speed is fast, which meets the requirements of green environmental protection laws and regulations in many countries
Rice straws have a promising future. More and more countries and regions will ban the use of disposable straws. With its unique advantages, rice straws will inevitably open up in the future market.

Why produce rice straws

At present, 15 countries and regions around the world have issued bans on plastics. As the global pollution problem becomes increasingly prominent, more and more countries will issue bans on plastics. The production line of rice straw equipment has emerged as the times require, which is for traditional plastic straws. Challenges are also the future development trend

Rice straw solution

The main equipment for rice straws is a rice straw forming machine, which is composed of a feeding system, a driving system, and a rotary cutting system. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and has the characteristics of strong power and balanced operation.
The screw, barrel and mold of the molding machine are all designed with a circulating cooling system to ensure the temperature balance of the raw materials during the extrusion. For different raw materials, single and twin screw feeding systems are selected to make the feeding uniform, stable and reliable. The screw is processed by a special process and is resistant. Abrasion, fatigue resistance, long service life

Rice straw display



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