Can wheat straw be used effectively?

Can wheat straw be used effectively?

Straw is rich in cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose and other non-starch macromolecular substances, and can be used to feed livestock after being processed by microbial fermentation such as silage and ammoniation. Crushing wheat straw back into the field, allowing it to automatically decay, can improve soil air permeability, water permeability and nutrition, and promote the growth of the next batch of crops. Straw gasification can be converted into effective fuel. Biomass is the fourth largest energy source after coal, oil, and natural gas. The straw is first processed in the crushing section, and a methane-containing gas is produced through anaerobic fermentation, and its economic benefit is no less than that of liquefied petroleum gas. After straw gasification, the total use efficiency can reach 35%-45%. Using straw as a production substrate can increase the source of raw materials for the production of edible fungi and reduce production costs. Straw is also widely used in light industry and building materials industry. It is not only an important raw material for papermaking, but also can be processed into fiberboard, building materials, decoration materials, commodity packaging cushions, insulation materials, and crafts such as straw hats and containers. Straw can also produce industrial charcoal and activated carbon, and extract ethanol, leaf protein and vitamins.



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