Wheat straws vs plastic straws

Inviting two or three friends, ordering a cup of milk tea, and chatting about recent interesting things in life, so that the irritable life can be temporarily relaxed, which seems to have become the norm in the lives of contemporary young people. But what people don’t know is that the straws we use only a few minutes when drinking milk tea. After being thrown away, it may take more than 500 years before it can be completely degraded in nature, causing great damage to the environment.  For this reason, some countries have begun to ban disposable plastic straws and look for non plastic organic straws

Although plastic straws seem to be low value which can even be ignored, because almost no stores charge people extra for straws. But in spite of this, it in  huge demand,Relevant data shows that hundreds of millions of straws will be used up in one year, which is really scary. It is not difficult to see that the straw has penetrated into our lives. So after the disposable plastic straws exit the stage, what environmentally friendly straws will replace it?

In fact, some restaurants have tried paper straws before, but the overall effect is very not good. Then many experts also proposed to use biodegradable plastics, new materials, etc. instead, but it takes time. However, among many ideas, there is actually a material that has already entered the market, and that is wheat straws

Previously, some college students used straw to make straws to start their own businesses. They revealed that the production process is very simple, first soak it in water, then cut it, and then put it in a pot sprinkled with salt water and boil it at high temperature for disinfection, and wheat straws is formed. At the same time, it also solves the problem of farmers' handling of wheat straw. Because many farmers burn the wheat straw directly, it also causes more or less harm to the environment.

And in the next few years, Wheat straws will surely usher in its golden market and quickly occupy the original plastic straw market, Many environmentalists have said that this is not only good for environmental protection, but also spawned a number of business opportunities for straw.

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