Why is bamboo environmentally friendly?

The biological characteristics of bamboo and the ecological functions of bamboo give bamboo products multiple levels of environmental protection:
1. The environmental protection significance of the use value: bamboo is derived from natural sources and is non-toxic and harmless.
2. Environmental protection significance in production and processing: Many products directly emit toxic and harmful substances and carbon dioxide during the production and processing process, pollute the atmosphere or soil, or consume a lot of energy, indirectly increase the emission of toxic and harmful substances and carbon dioxide, and destroy the ecology . The production and processing process of bamboo products is purely physical processing such as planing, cutting, sanding, etc. It does not produce chemical reactions, does not emit toxic and harmful substances, and consumes less power. The production and processing process does not cause any harm to the environment and ecology.
3. The environmental protection significance of promoting the development of bamboo forests: Bamboo forests have strong ecological functions. At the same time, according to the growth and reproduction characteristics of bamboos, reasonable felling of bamboos not only does not damage the ecology, but also benefits its regeneration. The development and utilization of bamboo products further promotes the artificial cultivation of bamboo forests. , Turn the barren mountains into a sea of bamboos, promote the expansion of bamboo forests and the increase in bamboo production, thereby promoting the use of the powerful ecological functions of bamboo forests, which not only develops and utilizes bamboo resources, benefits mankind, but also preserves water and soil, regulates the climate, and maintains a virtuous cycle of natural ecology.
4. The environmental protection significance of replacing industrial products that produce secondary pollution after use: many products are used for a short time, and the time stored in nature after use and disposal is several times, dozens of times, or even Hundreds of times, the production capacity of modern industrialization is tens of thousands of times that of human society in the past. Industrial wastes that cannot be freely degraded continue to accumulate on the earth, causing secondary pollution. If they cannot be improved, the beautiful home of mankind will eventually be lost. Bamboo products come from nature, and can be quickly and freely degraded under natural conditions without secondary pollution. Substituting bamboo products for plastic products, porcelain products, glass fiber products, etc., to avoid secondary pollution has very important environmental value.



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