wooden skewer vs iron metal skewers

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Summer is the peak time to eat barbecue. As soon as the sun goes down in the evening, there is residual heat from being grilled during the day on the road. After get off work, make an appointment with friends and colleagues for a barbecue. Many people eat barbecue in addition to the strong aroma of charcoal grilling, but also the ritual sense of barbecue. Some friends will find that some barbecue shops use wooden sticks, and some barbecue shops use iron sticks. Different types of sticks are worn by different materials. For friends who want to open a barbecue restaurant, it is necessary to know the basic knowledge of how to choose between metal and wooden sticks. Next, I will tell you about the knowledge of barbecue sticks.

For barbecue restaurants, the choice of fortune has a great influence on the taste of barbecue and the taste of diners.
When grilling meat skewers or larger ingredients such as chicken wings and drumsticks, iron metal skewers ( mostly is stainless slteel skewers or stick )are more suitable.

1. Iron sticks are easier to wear than wooden sticks.

2. The above-mentioned ingredients need a long time to be roasted to be fully cooked. If you use wooden skewers, it will be easy to roast and roast. At the same time, the heat conductivity of metal is stronger, the same heat, the use of iron metal sticks to cook faster and can reduce the adhesion of meat and sticks.

3. For the barbecue shop, a large number of sticks are needed every day. The smooth surface of the sticks is not easy to hide dirt and dirt. It is easier to clean and store for secondary use, and it is more environmentally friendly.

We basically use bamboo skewers for the grilled meat or most vegetables packed by diners.

The smoothness of the iron stick determines that some vegetables are not suitable for use in the iron stick. For example, the vegetable such as leeks has a large water content. The friction of the wooden stick itself can better fix the vegetables.

Secondly, thick wooden skewers can be used for the purpose of strengthening skewers, that is, meat of the same size, the thicker the skewers used, the larger the skewers.

How to prevent wooden skewers from breaking during barbecue
Some barbecue novices often encounter the phenomenon of grilling the wooden skewers. To prevent the wooden skewer from being broken, the following points should be done:

1. Before using the wooden skewer to pierce the dishes, you must soak it in salt water. This will not only effectively prevent barbs from appearing on the wooden skewer, but also will not break the skewer.

2. The length of the meat is best to be the same as the width of the grill, and there should be as few signs as possible before and after.

3. Pay attention to the control of the charcoal fire. If the charcoal is not of the same length or size when baking things, or the charcoal is not fully burned, the oil dripping on the charcoal will cause a fire, and it may also cause the wooden skewer to break.



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