Natural Bamboo Fence

  • 6ft outdoor green bamboo fench
6ft outdoor green bamboo fench

6ft outdoor green bamboo fench

  • material: natural bamboo
  • Product color: green
  • Suitable places: courtyard, balcony, garden
  • Product description: 6ft outdoor green bamboo fench ,can be used places: backyard, balcony, garden,purely handmade use the most natural and high qulity material

6ft outdoor green bamboo fench

Multiple styles are available, size customization, selected materials, anti-corrosion treatment, high temperature gun spray, bamboo oil burned out, forming a protective film, imitating rot and insects, multiple installation methods to meet different needs, if it is a muddy road, it needs to be on the mud Dig a deep hole, put our fence in, temporarily fix it, and then pour the cement to solidify


1. High temperature deoiling technology, mothproof and anticorrosive
2. Pure manual craftsmanship, complete interface cutting, safety, environmental friendly and health
3. Pure natural bamboo, no staining, no painting, natural
4. Anti-rust screwing, stable and durable,Firm and not easy to deform

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