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  • Eco straws wholesale
  • Eco straws wholesale
Eco straws wholesaleEco straws wholesale

Eco straws wholesale

  • Material:wheat
  • Origin: China
  • ​Length:200mm
  • MOQ:1000PC
  • Product description: Eco straws wholesale, The trend pendulum is constantly bending to the other side which is organically manufactured compostable and recyclable straws.

Eco straws wholesale

Material: wheat

Features: environmentally friendly, healthy, biodegradable, recyclable straws

Length: 20cm or customized

Inner diameter:3-5mm

Process: natural wheat straw, high temperature sterilization, high temperature drying

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage: Must be ventilated and kept dry

Package : 100pcs/bag (box)  170bags(boxes)/carton   carton size: 55* 42*42cm


Use boiled, high-temperature salt water for sterilization, heat and dry at high temperature, safe usage . When wheat stalks grow naturally, black spots or yellowish brown will appear. This is normal, and it is not moldy. The earth's environment is continuously deteriorating, everyone can  be a part of low-carbon lifestyle

A Solution to Plastic Problem

After a prolonged and intense criticism of over-use of plastic straws add their contribution to the pollution surge, the world is seeing a considerable shift from plastic to the other side which is organically manufactured compostable .

Fortunately, there are many biodegradable and recyclable alternatives to plastic available in the global market including metal, silicone, bamboo, and glass as chief contestants.

Due to their 100% biodegradation capabilities, wheat drinking straws appear to be the most environment friendly ones amongst these.


one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions available at the moment. The nutrients they contain eventually dissolve and do a lot of good to earth’s soil.

capable enough to handle hot drinks up to 100 Celsius temperature.

As they are made from the byproduct of wheat production, once the wheat reaches its maturity, the plant’s stems are used for making healthy drinking straws.

When used up, you can dispose it of in the compost pile instead of the dustbin, it will decompose naturally, instead of adding more wastes to landfill. Later, the compost pile can be utilized for future plant growth.

Wheat straws decompose in the same fashion as paper, so they don’t leave behind any toxic material.

The world Wheat Straw Pulp market size is expected to reach about US$ 1 Billion by 2026. Probably that’s the reason why drinking straw market is also seeing a boom.


Both companies and consumers are looking to adopt green drinking options. Wheat Drinking Straws are a much better solution over plastics, and there are so many reasons of that. They do not absorb water, they can stay hard for several hours while keeping your edibles intact.

But what benefits can they provide to the environment and consumer experience and health cause?

There are a number of such benefits including the following:

1. They are solid enough to endure customized consumer needs and can be used in.both microwaves and freezers.

2.Their unrestricted use is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

3. They are strong and durable .

4. They are Gluten-free and non-allergic.

5.Fully compostable through home-based and commercial composting ways.

6. No harmful and toxic elements that could harm human health.

7. Provide better revenue opportunities for farmers.

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